The reign of the doughpasta at its finestimmerse yourselfDiscover Regal Ravioli

The reign of the dough

Super Fresh & unique

pasta at its finest

Made in the United Kingdom

immerse yourself

with indulgence

Discover Regal Ravioli

With Exquisite Interiors

Our Happy Ever After

Welcome to Pasta Palace – The reign of the dough!

We create a variety of pasta made with the finest ingredients which are sourced from lands near and far. Continuously, learning new skills and adopting the traditional methods used by the best pasta makers we create magnificent pasta. Pasta Palace is committed to ensuring the finest and freshest ingredients are obtained here in the United Kingdom.

At the Pasta Palace secret research and development lab we craft our hidden treasures which remain top secret. They are so sovereign we protect them with a fire breathing dragon that only a Saint can slay.

Our treasures are fresh and filled with quality meats, delicious vegetables and glorious cheeses, which we create from scratch. Our gnocchi are made with only the best potatoes found in the kingdom.

Why not try cuisine which is fit for a King and Queen. Whatever your preference you will always find a pasta at the Palace to suit you. Everybody gets the royal treatment at Pasta Palace as the red carpet is always down. So now you know ponder over The Kings Menu and send a raven!

Our customers are not content with eating regular pasta and want to try our noble creations. You now have the opportunity to join them:

Call 07388109977 to arrange a delivery from one of our knights.