The King’s Menu

The Kings Menu

All of our dishes come with freshly made pasta, we make our egg pasta with Cornish Blue free range duck eggs and use top quality flours appointed by the Prince of Wales. Pre-Orders welcome, (minimum order of £15). If you would like a smaller order you are welcome to collect.  
  • The Gatehouse Garden

    • 8
    We like to believe the palaces noble gate keeper produces our vegetables for our vegetarian dish, he grows our mixed peppers, red onion, courgettes and vine ripened cherry tomatoes, to go with cubed fried halloumi which bathes in our luxurious tomato, garlic and basil sauce. This dish comes with our regal poppy seed rigatoni to give it a nice nutty taste and crunch. Double up on halloumi for £2.

  • The Barons Bowl

    • 7.5

    The Barons Bowl is always half full for the optimistic. Our best-selling Bolognese will leave you feeling like you can take on the world! Packed with lean steak mince it has a very subtle smokiness flavour and is finished with vintage cheddar and freshly chopped basil. It is paired in perfect union with our duck egg taglitelle, if you’re feeling courageous why not add some chilli?

  • The Cheesy Jester

    • 6.5

    Our Cheesy Jester is not that funny at all really, just super cheesy!

    Made with three cheeses, red Leicester,cheddar, mozzarella, parsley and a generous dusting of vintage cheddar then grilled to perfection. With a side serving of crispy breadcrumbs, you’ll be in cheese heaven!

    Add gammon chunks £2 or Jalapeno’s for £1.

  • The Cavaliers Carbs

    • 8

    The Kings Cavalier’s told tales that were twisted just like fusilli, but the story of our carbonara is absolutely true!

    Our duck egg taglietelle smothered in cream and accompanied by chunks of gammon, red onion, mushroom and melt in the mouth pockets of smokey cheese, finished with a dusting of chives, now that’s something quite literally to die for!

  • The Diana

    • 8.5

    Our super fresh lasagne is made with layer upon layer of love just like the queen of hearts. Layers of royal steak ragu and béchamel sauce held together by our very own silky smooth duck egg pasta sheets and the finest tomatoes in the land, then finished with another layer of béchamel sauce and vintage cheddar to be grilled to perfection

    Includes a mixed side salad.

  • Cannon Balls

    • 7.5

    Nowhere near as tough as the real ones thankfully! But our meatballs can be quite fiery if you’d like us to add chilli into the mix!

    Our very own steak and pork meatballs made with wholegrain mustard and pair’s lovely with our homemade tomato, garlic and basil sauce. It comes with duck egg taglitelle and topped with vintage cheddar cheese and fresh basil.

    If you would like a more creamier sauce just ask for mascarpone.

  • The Royal Family

    • 25

    Three of our best selling super tasty Barons Bowl, along with two portions of Glorious Gnocchi (Noh-kee) and locally made Garlic Focaccia. All super fresh and made with love and passion for you.


  • Garlic Ciabatta

    • 3.5

    Our Ciabatta is smothered in our own garlic butter, using produce made in our Kingdom, a great side to accompany any meal. You can add on mozzarella and cheddar for £1.

  • Glorious Gnocchi

    • 3

    Our gnocchi are handmade with the best seasonal potatoes, we use west country goats cheese, parsley and season, we fry them and serve with a super fine Spanish manchego cheese then topped with parsley, a nice side to any meal.

  • The Gardens Greens

    • 3

    Summer fresh, seasonal crunchy side salad. Includes leaf, cucumber, mixed peppers, cherry tomotoes and red onion.

  • The Jesters Jugglers

    • 3.5

    These are our version of the classic Italian Arincini. They consist of Orzo pasta, 3 Cheeses & Jalapeno’s deep fried in a crispy breadcrumb casing. Once you have tried these there will be no going back.

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